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Here & Now

Awareness of the present allows for the potential to feel as we are and with what is, instead of only what was and has been. With this Awareness we can have more choice to discover more fulfilling and satisfying ways to respond to the people and situations in our everyday life.


What we feel in our bodies is not viewed as separate from what we feel (notice) with our minds. Often our way of expressing and showing up in the world physically is tied to the beliefs and emotions of what we think and feel with our mind. By working in an embodied way a person becomes whole, mind & body, actionable and present as they are in the moment.

I and Thou

(or meeting of you and I as individual human beings)

Meeting and working therapeutically in such a way that holds respect for both our individuality, our humanity and our influence on each other. The intention is not to fix but rather to respect the person and support their process of healing.


My name is Frank Marchese, I am currently a 5th-year student of the Gestalt therapy training program in Toronto and have an office in Mississauga. My experience at the institute has been a great and valued support for me to live more wholly as myself and embrace more aliveness. My spare time is spent with my significant other, friends, jiu-jitsu and anything backyard gardening or sustainable farming in nature. 

I am a Supervised Student Therapist, which means that I have a supervisor to support me as a new therapist until I become a fully licensed psychotherapist. My supervisor and I meet to go through cases, this is a time where I receive support and have the chance to ask questions that benefit myself and my clients. 



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Life Changes


Healthy Habits




Therapy Cost

In Person 30min Consultation - Free

1 Hour Therapy Session- $80

*Sliding Scale Spots Available* 

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